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Faturohman. Is the news coordinator of Trijaya FM Palembang. He joined Trijaya FM Palembang in 2007. Faturohman has had an extensive news career in Trijaya. He was the field journalist since 2007 until February 2010 before replaced the previous news coordinator. Graduate from sociology faculty of Sriwijaya University, he found himself has a high desires of discussing about politic. In his spare time, he has his quality time watching a movie with his wife. “I Can If I Think I Can!” This sentence is always boost his spirit.

Fatkurohman – News Director


Ivana – Announcer


Ivan – Announcer

Lily Zarni was born on June. She works as the account executive and general affair in Trijaya FM Palembang. In 1997 – 2006 she gained experience of marketing at construction industry in Bandung. She loves reading novels and have a special place for Lionel Richie, in her heart.

Lili Zarni – Marketing

Julian Ramadhan is producing every spot and radio expose. He also admin of every social network that belongs to Trijaya Palembang. He joined Trijaya Palembang in 2007. His previous experience came as a radio host for Radio Sriwijaya FM Palembang Ian was born on 23rd of July. He received his bachelor's degree in Economic Development from University Of Sriwijaya. He has big interest in technology, while doing some techno stuff, he listens to Van Halen or Kla project. He loves the paradox of hard and soft music. He considered Chrisye is a greatest singer all the time. “You don’t always get what you want, you don’t always want what you got!” stand as his favorite quotes.

Julian – Production



Rima – Traffic+Admin